Travel              To       Tanzania

Our Vision:

Showcasing the best of East Africa and encompassing the majestic spectacle that is the real Africa where we will offer our guest a unique experience combined with our passionate love of African wilderness.We will also promote good social interaction between visitor to our countries and the member of local community.A context of encouraging respectful interaction and exchange between locals and visitors.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to share the beauty of Africa with you-we want you to see the real Africa.We pride ourselves on our home grown knowledge we know all the local secrets.Our specialty is to leading you off the well-worn tourist trail so you experience not only to the famed national parks,but also the smaller villages and local people whose everyday lives are as fascinating as the habits of the wildlife they live with.

It's time for Africa

Travel To Tanzania Ltd/ SIA is an European - Tanzanian registered company founded by experience member and professional guide RAKESH KANJI. 


I am Tanzanian, professional Certificated Tour Guide in Tanzania. 

My team is all experienced, high professional Guides and member of Tanzania Tour association. 

+  European / Tanzanian Company 


 -  our offices in in Latvia and Tanzania -  Arusha and DarEsSalaam - our team is available anytime you need our support


+ Experienced and professional Guides 


 - all our guides has as minimum 5 years of experience in Safari guiding - our guides knows the best places for game                                                                                                


+ Luxuary Safari vehicles with back-up


- all our cars is made comfortable to have a enyojable and relaxing safari. If anything goes wrong with vehicle during safari we have full back-up any time.

+ Honest and transparent 


 - our guests has a freedom to plan safari , what is comfortable to their cost according to their budget and interest

Imagine a country that can fulfill your every holiday dream.Come visit a country of unparalleled beauty,magnificent wildlife,and hospitable people.Tanzania unrivaled by any place on the earth for it's rich diversity of wildlife and ecosystem,is the undisputed destination for your safari of a life time.Masai warrior moving freely among wildlife present the traveler with a glimpse of pastoral people who retain their ancient customs in an otherwise modern world.

With many years of experience a leading safari through out Tanzania,Kenya and Uganda.The staff of  Travel To Tanzania knows how to please our guests.All our guides are fluent in English and Swahili,all of which are trained professionals committed to offering the most intriguing and informative Tanzania safari experience.They are expert game trackers with extensive knowledge about wildlife,flora and faunas as well as insightful awareness of the people,history and the culture.The wildlife and the natural wonders that makes Tanzania the amazing place to visit.

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